Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hear Fibonacci Sequence LIVE on 91.7 WMSE!

Fibonacci Sequence is getting ready to start playing out again and has begun to book shows for the coming months, so keep any eye on any of  our sites for dates and other details!  Before then though, tune in to 97.1 WMSE in Milwaukee on Sunday evening, November 7th at 9 PM to hear Fibonacci Sequence perfoming live in the studio on Mark Krueger's PLANET PROG show.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review from Progression Magazine!!!

RATING 15/16

Wisconsin-based Fibonacci Sequence is a rollercoaster of cascading, multi-textured lyrical chops and poignant melodic ideas somewhat comparable to the likes of Liquid Tension Experiment.  The groups forte is meaty, interestingly arranged tracks in the seven- to 11-minute range, where fluid ensemble interplay gets busily gymnastic but not at the expense of coherently melodic structuring.  Which ultimately begs the question: who needs a singer?

The group comprises Michael Butzen (guitar), Jeff Schuelke (keyboards), Chad Novell (bass), and Tom Ford (drums); guests lend support on bass and strings.  The band rocks hard, dipping in and out of playfully orchestrated fusiony grooves with heady seamlessness.  And when the throttle lets up, ornate classicisms charmingly filter through.

Epic-length pieces "Neap Tide," Faunus," "Catlord," "Missing Time," (featuring nice violin lines) and "Io" invite focused listening to absorb and appreciate Fibonacci's myriad complexities.  And for good measure a couple of gentle, transitory respites are built in, via "Dawn" (three minutes) and exotic songlet "lluminati" (under a minute). 

It's hard to think of a more impressive indie prog entry in 2010.

-John Collinge